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I am reposting this since I have learned that so many Shopee buyers are being scammed by different sellers on So this post will be updated regularly with the names of the scammers and the links to their Shopee profiles. BUYERS (and SCAMMERS too) BEWARE !!!!

<p>I was scammed by Shopee seller</p> <b></b>. Please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when buying online from those sellers who do not accept COD and ship from abroad.

<p>I placed 3 orders with seller, all paid in advance via wire transfer through Shopee and DragonPay. After I placed the first order, the seller, notified me that they had shipped the order to the Shopee warehouse. And I also later received a notification direct from Shopee that the seller had shipped the order. Because the second notification came from Shopee itself, I presumed that this seller is legit, so I placed 2 more orders consecutively for a total of around P16k. The first order did not arrive yesterday, when it was supposed to. The seller could not provide any shipping information, such as name of courier and shipping tracking number, and just kept on asking me to be patient and wait for a few more days, obviously trying to stop me from asking Shopee for a refund until past the last day allowed for refund requests.</p>

<p>So I applied for a refund and I have also reported the seller to Shopee as a scammer, and will of course also ask for a refund for my other 2 orders on the expected delivery dates.</p>


<p>I blame Shopee for my being scammed the 2nd and 3rd times, because Shopee should NOT have sent me a notification that the seller had shipped the orders without first verifying if the seller had in fact shipped the orders. I trusted Shopee, which is why I placed 2 additional orders with the seller</p>







 <p>I am attaching a screenshot of the seller who scammed me, plus screenshots of another seller who is obviously scamming other buyers, some of whom do not seem to realize that they have been scammed.</p>


<p>Please continue to watch this post, as I will post names of, and links to, Shopee and Lazada sellers who I am sure are scammers</p>







<b><p>PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH EVERYONE</b>. Help online buyers avoid being scammed by online sellers</p>.





 Here are other Shopee sellers who I am certain are scammers and you should AVOID them:

1. <b></b> - this seller sells memory cards as Sandisk microSDHC Class 10 but they are NOT Class 10. AVOID this seller completely. After installation in my 2 Huawei phones, they immediately show a message that says LOW SPEED Memory Card - may cause phone to malfunction. Please use memory cards at least Class 10.

2. <b></>b - this seller has no plans of shipping anything. I paid in advance for 3 large orders but he did not ship even a single order, but luckily, I was able to stop the Shopee payment to him.

4. <b></b>







5. <b>IDOL GDPLUS</b>

<p>This seller <b>IDOL GDPLUS</b>, does NOT honor any warranty. I purchased two (2) Solar Street Lamps at P1,700 each, and one of them was defective and she has refused to replace it. Also, she misrepresents 60-Watt solar lamps as 90-watt lamps. Note that to determine how many watts a solar lamp has, count the number of beads, and there should be 2 beads for every watt, so a 90-watt lamp should have 180 beads, and a 60-watt lamp should have 120 beads. In addition, she changes her shop’s name very often, & when I purchased from her, her shop's name was then <b>mingjialin</b></p>

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