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Our Advantage Over Facebook

Benefits of sharing posts here as against sharing posts on Facebook:

  1. 1. Your posts are seen by ALL forum members, whereas on Facebook, your posts are seen only by a very small percentage of your Facebook friends, unless you pay Facebook to market your posts.

  2. 2. Your posts never get deleted. They will be on this forum forever, until YOU delete them. On Facebook, after some time, your posts disappear, never to be seen again.

  3. 3. Your posts are NEVER censored, as only spam and pornographic posts are removed as soon as viewed by an admin or moderator. Whereas on Facebook, you never know when your posts might get deleted, AND. without any notice or warning at that..

  4. 4. All posts by all members that are not Private are automatically visible to all members on the very front page, and all you have to do is to click on the post to read the details. Whereas on Facebook, you have to jump from group to group, from profile to profile, etc. etc. to see as many posts as possible.

  5. 5. In short, unlike Facebook, we have no intention of controlling the lives of our members..

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