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Has Your Dog or Cat or Any Animal Been Poisoned?

*** POISONED DOG OR CAT? Has your dog or cat been poisoned? Nilason or nalason ba ang iyong aso o pusa? there are so many reports of dogs and cats being poisoned. I have posted MANY MANY TIMES that all animal owners, animal rescuers, and all animal lovers should stock up on EVAPORATED MILK because it is the least expensive kind of milk available) to counter any poisoning. As soon as you suspect that an animal has been poisoned, whether your animal or someone else's animal, or even just a stray animal, give it as much milk as you can, and that will stop the poison from spreading and will most likely save the life of the animal. Evaporated Milk is extremely affordable, so DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AN ANIMAL IS POISONED before taking action.

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