1. General

    1. Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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      Here are the rules for our forum, so kindly read them first before you post for the first time.

      1. We are extremely lenient here, and we do not delete animal cruelty posts just because some members might not like seeing animal cruelty. So ALL posts related to animal cruelty are acceptable since allowing all posts on animal cruelty will also help authorities identify animal abusers.

      2. You, and solely You, are fully responsible for your posts. Site admins assume no responsibility nor liability for any content posted by any of our members.

      3. Spammers who post outside the forum named FOR SPAMMERS ONLY will get blocked without notice.

      4. Posting any kind of pornographic stuff is strictly prohibited. Anyone who posts pornographic stuff will be removed and blocked immediately and without notice.

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    2. Announcements & Website Updates

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      All announcements & updates to this website - www.buzzie.info - will be posted here

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    3. Ideas, Suggestions & Corrections

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      Ideas & Suggestions - if you have any ideas, or suggestions, or even corrections, to either this forum or our website at www.buzzie.info, please post them here.

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    4. FAQ / Support / Q&A

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      FAQ / Support / Q&A - This forum is for posting any questions you might have regarding this website, its contents, its rules, etc.

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    5. Campaigns

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      for off-topic campaigns - temporary category

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  2. Health, Medical, & Viruses

    1. Covid-19 PLANdemic

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      This forum is for all questions, comments, posts, videos, photos, suggestions, everything having to do with the COVID-19 virus. Please make sure to tune into this forum several times a day as there might be extremely important information that you might not immediately see in the news or other social media

      1. Ivermectin & Covid
      2. Covid-19 Regular Day-2-Day News, Posts, Comments, etc.
      3. VIDEOS Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    2. Issues re WHO, PH DOH, PH FDA

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      Miscellaneous issues involving the World Health Organization (WHO), the Philippine(s) Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine(s) Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and other similar agencies or organizations worldwide.

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  3. Animals & Pets

    1. Animal Welfare Worldwide

      136 Topics 657 Posts

      This category is for everything related to animal welfare worldwide. Choose the appropriate forum for your posts, comments, questions, and answers to posts, comments, and questions.

      1. Animal Abuse & Cruelty Worldwide
      2. Animal Welfare - All About Pigs
      3. Colorado Cutie Pigs
      5. AACSRH - Animal Abuse & Cruelty STOP RIGHT HERE
      6. Animal Transport Within North America
      7. BDB -Black, Dark & Beautiful Animal Welfare Network
      8. Beagles, Bassets, & Hound Breeds Animal Welfare Network
      9. Other Hound Breeds Not Yet Listed Here
      10. Bonded Animals Welfare Network
      11. Moms & Moms-To-Be Animal Welfare Network
      12. Bully Breeds & All Look-Alikes Rescue Network for Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help'
      13. Boxer*Bulldog*Dogue de Bordeaux*Mastiff*Molosser*Rottweiler* Welfare Network
      14. Cat & Kitten Welfare Network
      15. Cocker Spaniel Animal Welfare Network
      16. German Shepherd & Herding Breeds Animal Welfare Forum
      17. Golden Retriever Animal Welfare Network
      18. Heartstick & Gas Chamber Animal Welfare Network
      19. North Valley Animal Shelter, Lindon, Utah 84042
      20. International Independent Animal Rescuers & Stray Feeders
      21. Labrador Retriever Animal Welfare Network
      22. OSPDRO - Owner Surrenders, Past Due, Rescue Only & Shelter Returns
      23. Puppies & Kittens Animal Welfare Network
      24. Senior-Old Animal Rescue Network for Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help
      25. Small-Toy Breed Dogs Animal Welfare Network
      26. Boston Terrier Animal Welfare Network
      27. Chihuahua and Mini Pinscher Animal Welfare Network
      28. Lhasa Apso / Maltese / Shih Tzu Animal Welfare Network
      29. Jack Russell Terrier Animal Welfare Network
      30. Pomeranian Animal Welfare Network
      31. Poodle & Schnauzer Animal Welfare Network
      32. Yorkshire & Small Terrier Rescue Network
      33. Other Small Breeds Welfare Network
      34. Special Needs Animals - Blind, Deaf, Disabled Animal Rescue Network for Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help
      35. Spitz-Type Dogs Animal Welfare Network Category
      36. Alaskan Husky Animal Welfare Forum
      37. Alaskan Malamute Animal Welfare Forum
      38. Akita Animal Welfare Forum
      39. American Eskimo Dog Animal Welfare Forum
      40. Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Welfare Forum
      41. Black Norwegian Elkhound Animal Welfare Forum
      42. Canadian Eskimo Dog Animal Welfare Forum
      43. Chinook Animal Welfare Forum
      44. Eurohound Animal Welfare Forum
      45. Greenland Dog Animal Welfare Forum
      46. Greyster Animal Welfare Forum
      47. Mackenzie River Husky Animal Welfare Forum
      48. Samoyed Animal Welfare Forum
      49. Other Spitz-type breeds not yet listed
      50. U.S. Northeast Region Animal Animal Welfare Network
      51. U.S. State of New York Animal Welfare Network
      52. U.S. Midwest Region Animal Welfare Network
      53. U.S. State of Illinois Animal Welfare Network
      54. U.S. State of Indiana Animal Welfare Network
      55. U.S. State of Iowa Animal Welfare Network
      56. U.S. State of Kansas Animal Welfare Network
      57. U.S. State of Michigan
      58. U.S. State of Minnesota Animal Welfare Network
      59. U.S. State of Missouri Animal Welfare Network
      60. U.S. State of Nebraska Animal Welfare Network
      61. U.S. State of North Dakota Animal Welfare Network
      62. U.S. State of Ohio Animal Welfare Network
      63. U.S. State of South Dakota Animal Welfare Network
      64. U.S. State of Wisconsin Animal Welfare Network
      65. U.S. SOUTH REGION Animal Welfare Network
      66. SPCA of Texas' Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center
      67. U.S. State of Alabama Animal Welfare Network
      68. U.S. State of Kentucky Animal Welfare Network
      69. U.S. States of North Carolina & South Carolina Animal Welfare Network
      70. U.S. State of Tennessee Animal Welfare Network
      71. U.S State of Texas Animal Welfare Network
      72. U.S. States of Virginia & West Virginia Animal Welfare Network
      73. U.S. WEST REGION Animal Welfare Network
      74. U.S. State of California Animal Welfare Network
      75. Central California SPCA
      76. Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control
      77. Agoura Animal Shelter
      78. Baldwin Park Animal Shelter
      79. Carson Animal Shelter
      80. Castaic Animal Shelter
      81. Downey Animal Shelter
      82. Lancaster Animal Shelter
      83. Palmdale Animal Shelter
      84. U.S. State of Hawaii Animal Welfare Network
      85. U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico Animal Welfare Network
      86. U.S. Virgin Islands Animal Welfare Network
      87. Philippines - Animal Welfare
      88. PAWA - Philippine Animal Welfare Association
      89. Philippines Animal Welfare How To - Legal Stuff
      90. Bureau of ANIMAL INDUSTRY (BAI)
      91. PIARA - Philippine Impounded Animals Rescue Association
      92. PVGPS - Philippine Vets, Groomers, & Pet Supplies
      93. Philippine Vets & Vet Clinics
      94. Mandaluyong City Vets & Vet Clinics
      95. Vets in Practice Mandaluyong (4.3 rating in google reviews)
      96. PPBCC Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation (4.7 rating in google reviews)
      97. Quezon City (QC) Vets & Vet Clinics
      98. UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Diliman Station
      99. Antipolo City Vets & Vet Clinics
      100. Assumpta Dog & Cat Clinic, Antipolo City (3.8 rating in Google reviews)
      101. Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic (4.4 rating in Google reviews)
      102. Doggie\'s Choice Veterinary Clinic (4.3 rating in google reviews)
      103. Healthy Paws Veterinary Clinic (very high 5.0 rating in google reviews)
      104. (No Name) Veterinary Clinic
      105. Kingsville Veterinary Clinic
      106. Vet Saver Animal Clinic & Grooming Center (3.6 rating in google reviews)
      107. Paraan Animal Clinic (extremely low rating of 3.1 in Google reviews)
      108. Man's Best Friend Veterinary Clinic, Antipolo City (4.3 rating in Google reviews)
      109. Makati City Vets & Vet Clinics
      110. Dog Food, Supplements, & Supplies in the Philippines
      111. Dog Cages & Enclosures
      112. Cat Groomers in the Philippines
      113. Cat Food & Supplements
      114. Cat Supplies in the Philippines
      115. Philippines - Other Animals Needing Help
      116. Philippine Cats Needing Help
      117. Cat Welfare in the Philippines
      118. Philippine Cats Needing Help
      119. Cats & Kittens For Adoption
      120. Philippine Dogs Needing Help
      121. Dogs & Puppies for Adoption in the Philippines
      122. Philippines Farm Animals
      123. Philippines Wildlife & Exotic Animals
      124. Philippines Independent Rescuers & Stray Feeders
      125. Animal Transport Within The Philppines
      126. Philippines Animal Welfare Sorted by Province
      127. Province of ABRA Animal Welfare Network
      128. Province of AGUSAN DEL SUR Animal Welfare Network
      129. Province of AGUSAN DEL NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      130. Province of AKLAN Animal Welfare Network
      131. Province of ALBAY Animal Welfare Network
      132. Province of ANTIQUE Animal Welfare Network
      133. Province of APAYAO Animal Welfare Network
      134. Province of AURORA Animal Welfare Network
      135. Province of BASILAN Animal Welfare Network
      136. Province of BATANES Animal Welfare Network
      137. Province of BATAAN Animal Welfare Network
      138. Province of BATANGAS Animal Welfare Network
      139. Province of BENGUET Animal Welfare Network
      140. Province of BILIRAN Animal Welfare Netwrok
      141. Province of BOHOL Animal Welfare Network
      142. Province of BUKIDNON Animal Welfare Network
      143. Province of BULACAN Animal Welfare Network
      144. Province of CAGAYAN Animal Welfare Network
      145. Province of CAMARINES NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      146. Province of CAMARINES SUR Animal Welfare Network
      147. Province of CAMIGUIN Animal Welfare Network
      148. Province of CAPIZ Animal Welfare Network
      149. Province of CATANDUANES Animal Welfare Network
      150. Province of CAVITE Animal Welfare Network
      151. Province of CEBU Animal Welfare Network
      152. Province of COTABATO Animal Welfare Network
      153. Province of DAVAO DE ORO Animal Welfare Network
      154. Province of DAVAO DEL NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      155. Province of DAVAO DEL SUR Animal Welfare Network
      156. Province of DAVAO OCCIDENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      157. Province of DAVAO ORIENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      158. Province of DINAGAT ISLANDS Animal Welfare Network
      159. Province of EASTERN SAMAR Animal Welfare Network
      160. Province of GUIMARAS Animal Welfare Network
      161. Province of IFUGAO Animal Welfare Network
      162. Province of ILOCOS NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      163. Province of ILOCOS SUR Animal Welfare Network
      164. Province of ILOILO Animal Welfare Network
      165. Province of ISABELA Animal Welfare Network
      166. Province of KALINGA Animal Welfare Network
      167. Province of LA UNION Animal Welfare Network
      168. Province of LAGUNA Animal Welfare Network
      169. Province of LANAO DEL NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      170. Province of LANAO DEL SUR Animal Welfare Network
      171. Province of LEYTE Animal Welfare Network
      172. Province of MAGUINDANAO Animal Welfare Network
      173. Province of MARINDUQUE Animal Welfare Network
      174. Province of MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      175. Province of MASBATE Animal Welfare Network
      176. Province of METRO MANILA (NCR) Animal Welfare Netwrok
      177. CALOOCAN Animal Welfare Network
      178. LAS PINAS Animal Welfare Network
      179. MAKATI Animal Welfare Network
      180. MALABON Animal Welfare Network
      181. MANDALUYONG Animal Welfare Network
      182. City of MANILA Animal Welfare Network
      183. MARIKINA Animal Welfare Network
      184. MUNTINLUPA Animal Welfare Network
      185. NAVOTAS Animal Welfare Network
      186. QUEZON CITY Animal Welfare Network
      187. PARANAQUE Animal Welfare Network
      188. PASAY Animal Welfare Network
      189. PASIG Animal Welfare Network
      190. SAN JUAN Animal Welfare Network
      191. TAGUIG Animal Welfare Network
      192. VALENZUELA Animal Welfare Network
      193. PATEROS Animal Welfare Network
      194. Province of MISAMIS ORIENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      195. Province of MOUNTAIN PROVINCE Animal Welfare Network
      196. Province of NEGROS OCCIDENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      197. Province of NEGROS ORIENTAL Animal Welfare Network
      198. Province of NORTHERN SAMAR Animal Welfare Network
      199. Province of NUEVA ECIJA Animal Welfare Network
      200. Province of NUEVA VIZCAYA Animal Welfare Network
      201. Province of OCCIDENTAL MINDORO Animal Welfare Network
      202. Province of ORIENTAL MINDORO Animal Welfare Network
      203. Province of PALAWAN Animal Welfare Network
      204. Province of PAMPANGA Animal Welfare Network
      205. Province of PANGASINAN Animal Welfare Network
      206. Province of QUEZON Animal Welfare Network
      207. Province of QUIRINO Animal Welfare Network
      208. Province of RIZAL Animal Welfare Network
      209. Province of ROMBLON Animal Welfare Network
      210. Province of SAMAR Animal Welfare Network
      211. Province of SARANGANI Animal Welfare Network
      212. Province of SIQUIJOR Animal Welfare Network
      213. Province of SORSOGON Animal Welfare Network
      214. Province of SOUTH COTABATO Animal Welfare Network
      215. Province of SOUTHERN LEYTE Animal Welfare Network
      216. Province of SULTAN KUDARAT Animal Welfare Network
      217. Province of SULU Animal Welfare Network
      218. Province of SURIGAO DEL NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      219. Province of SURIGAO DEL SUR Animal Welfare Network
      220. Province of TARLAC Animal Welfare Network
      221. Province of TAWI-TAWI Animal Welfare Network
      222. Province of ZAMBALES Animal Welfare Netwrok
      223. Province of ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE Animal Welfare Network
      224. Province of ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR Animal Welfare Network
      225. Province of ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY Animal Welfare Network
      136 Topics
      657 Posts
    2. All About DOGS Worldwide

      5 Topics 13 Posts

      All About DOGS Worldwide

      1. DOG Photos
      2. All About DOGS in the Philippines
      5 Topics
      13 Posts
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  4. eCommerce - Free Classifieds Marketplace


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      Are you a spammer? If yes, then POST IN THIS FORUM ONLY, and anything you offer will be automatically seen by all members of this website since all new posts automatically appear on the right sidebar. To avoid getting blocked, do not post anywhere else, and do not post any pornographic stuff, or you will be removed immediately.

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    2. SCAMMERS & THIEVES - Scroll All The Way Down

      10 Topics 10 Posts

      This is the forum for posting names and photos of scammers and thieves. Remember though, that you are solely responsible for whatever you post, and the admins and moderators of buzzie.info assume no liability whatsoever for whatever you post.

      1. Scammers & Thieves - Scroll All The Way Down
      10 Topics
      10 Posts
    3. Auto-Vehicle Accessories, Parts, etc.

      0 Topics 0 Posts

      This forum is for everything that is related to all kinds of vehicles with 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels, 6 wheels,and so on.

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      No posts
    4. Baby & Children Items

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      0 Topics
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      No posts
    5. Electronic & Digital Products

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      This forum is for all types of electronic and digital products. Just choose the appropriate sub-forum for the product you wish to sell.

      1. Mobiles & Gadgets
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      No posts
    6. Clothing - all types- For Sale

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      This forum is for all types of clothing for sale - shirts, pants, dresses, short, etc. etc. etc.

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      No posts
    7. Groceries & Food Stuff

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      0 Topics
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    8. 0 Topics
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      No posts
    9. Philippine Animals & Pets FREE Classifieds - Marketplace

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      Here you can post anything you wish to offer or buy as long as it is related to animals. If you want to sell or buy anything not related to animals, then you should post in our General FREE Classifieds - Marketplace

      1. Cats & Kittens For Sale
      2. Dogs & Puppies For Sale
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      No posts
    10. Real Estate - Properties For Sale, For Lease, For Trade, etc.

      5 Topics 13 Posts

      This forum is for any type of real estate property for sale, property for lease, property for trade, property requiring investors or investments, etc. Anything having to do with real estate.

      1. Foreclosed Properties
      5 Topics
      13 Posts
    11. Security Products

      0 Topics 0 Posts

      This forum is for FREE POSTING for all products related to security

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      No posts
    12. Barter Anything & Everything - No Cash Involved

      1 Topics 3 Posts

      Barter here, barter there, barter everywhere
      Barter anytime, barter every time, barter all the time
      Barter anything, barter everything,

      1 Topics
      3 Posts
  5. Finance, Investments, Money & Taxes

    1. Financial News

      0 Topics 0 Posts

      This Financial News Forum is exactly what it says, a forum for any valuable financial news. Post anything related to Finance that might be of interest to the general public.

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      No posts
    2. Stock Market Investments

      0 Topics 0 Posts

      this forum is for sharing all topics related to the stock markets worldwide

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      No posts
    3. Time Deposits, Corporate & Government Bonds

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      this forum is for sharing everything related to investments in time deposits, corporate bonds, and government bonds

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      No posts
    4. Digital Currencies & CryptoCurrencies

      1 Topics 1 Posts

      this forum is for everything related to digital currency and cryptocurrencies, such as the Bitcoin, etc.

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      1 Posts
  6. Employment, Careers, Jobs

    1. Philippine Employers Only

      4 Topics 12 Posts

      This forum is for Philippine employers only who wish to hire employees

      4 Topics
      12 Posts
    2. Philippines Only - Looking For Work (for Applicants only)

      1 Topics 3 Posts

      This forum is only for applicants who are looking for work in the Philippines

      1 Topics
      3 Posts
    3. US Employers Only

      0 Topics 0 Posts

      this forum is for employers in the USA who are in need of, and are looking to hire employees.

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      No posts
    4. For Other Country Employers Only

      1 Topics 3 Posts

      this forum is for employers who are in countries other than the USA or the Philippines who are looking to hire employees

      1 Topics
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    5. US-based Applicants Only

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      this forum is for US-based applicants only, those who are looking to be hired by US employers

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