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      a boarding facility for pigs with very negative review

      Sara Townsend
      July 17
      Last week we dropped chopper off at Colorado Cutie Pigs while we were gone in Montana. We have never used them before but found them online for pig boarding. We left him there looking like the picture on the left. We text the owner multiple times to see how he was doing, while we were away,, and she said he was doing fine.
      Yesterday we picked him up with heat stroke (lethargic, red and purple all over, blistered), covered in feces, and bite marks all over his skin from other pigs. He has a HUGE blister on his back from being left out in the sun! (Pictures arrached)I cant believe how Colorado Cutie Pigs treated our poor piggy! We will never ever use them again.
      Our pig spent the night getting a room temperature sponge bath to bring down his temperature. He spent all night shivering and crying from his burn and wounds. 😡
      If you're looking for a pig, or pig boarding, these people obviously don't care about pigs welfare.

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