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this forum is for sharing all posts, topics, ideas, advice, suggestions, on how to seek legal help if you are aware of an animal that is being maltreated, has been killed, or is being neglected by its owners, or wildlife ownership without proper government permits, or owners of wildlife feeding companion animals.

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    1. Bureau of ANIMAL INDUSTRY (BAI)

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      Bureau of ANIMAL INDUSTRY (BAI),

      This forum is for sharing and posting anything having to do with animals in the Philippines.



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    1. Committee on Animal Welfare ??? A non-existent committee.

      0 Replies 128 Views

      by man_o_man,

      0 Replies
    2. What Can PAWS Do To Help in Animal Abuse & Cruelty Cases

      0 Replies 127 Views

      by MannyM,

      0 Replies
    3. How To File a Complaint with the Philippine LTFRB

      0 Replies 77 Views

      by admin,

      0 Replies
    4. How and Where To Report Animal Abuse and Cruelty

      0 Replies 218 Views

      by MannyM,

      0 Replies

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