September 21, 2020  (EMPLOYERS, please read Warning Note at bottom)


*****  Antipolo location, between Ortigas Avenue Extension and Sumulong Hwy, very close to Antipolo Public Market and Robinsons Place Mall and Hinulugang Taktak - STAY-IN ONLY *****

- Male or Female, 26-45 years old 
- Must like animals, cats and dogs - dapat merong tunay na malasakit sa mga aso at pusa at wag mag kunwari at hindi ka magtatagal dito 
- Must be at least 5'2" tall, kasi pag maliit baka mahirapan sa mga aso

- Must have some requirements/credentials, even if expired, such as NBI, Police, Barangay Clearance, Voter's ID, Philhealth ID, SSS ID, School ID, Employment ID, NSO Birth Certificate, Postal ID, etc.

- Job Functions:

- 1. Will feed cats and change their water 3 times a day, and will also help other caretakers feed dogs once a day 
- 2. Will remove and throw dog poop and cat poop, as often as necessary, perhaps once every 3 hours.
- 3. Will help me wash pet beddings, using washing machines, so no hand-washing and no ironing at all
- 4. Will help other caretakers bathe the dogs once a week
- 5. Will check dogs and cats for any signs of medical problems once a day
- 6. Will access Facebook only when necessary if during working hours, but use as much as you want after 5pm.
- 7. All employees receive a weekly allowance for food and toiletries, and are povided with unli rice plus all the ingredients (sangkap) needed for cooking. 
- 8. You will be working with me, plus other helpers here.

WARNING:  Kung wala kang hilig o malasakit sa mga pusa at aso, wag ka ng mag apply at sayang lang oras natin pareho.  DO NOT BOTHER TO APPLY if you do not love or like cats and dogs, since both of us will just waste our time.  Need ko makakita ng pictures mo na me kasama kang aso o pusa.

Since this post will be shared on Facebook, please PM me privately, and note that I DO NOT REPLY TO COMMENTS.  So if you comment, I may not see your comment and therefore will not be able to reply.  STAY-IN ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.


I have a moral obligation to warn all employers from hiring the following, who worked for me for 5 months and managed to steal so many expensive items as I was living alone at the time of their employment. 

JEPRIL RAMOS LAXAMANA, alias Jukno Buknoy, and also alias Wagko Ibalang, plus many other aliases, born April 5, 1983

I do not know if his partner, MELODY BERNARDO ANGINGAN, born August 28, 1979, was involved in the actual theft, but of course she must have been aware of it at the very least.  

This JEPRIL RAMOS LAXAMANA managed to steal so many expensive items from me, including a Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive, a Samsung J7 Pro mobile phone, 3 brand new sealed 32GB Sandisk Memory Cards, 3 brand new sealed SWS Water Filter, a brand new Huawei HB366481ECW-11 for Huawei mobile phones. 2pcs (used and not new) EM-EL12 batteries and charger for Nikon S6200 camera, a Black& Decker Jigsaw, a Gun Tacker, and many other items, and I will update this post with a complete list. 

At itong Jepril Ramos Laxamana is a cellphone technician as well, And during their employment with me, he destroyed two (2) television sets na pinagamit ko sa kanila, at sabi nya bigla na lang daw nasira, isa isa daw nasira.  Tapos nung wala na sila dito, nakita ko na binuksan nya at ginamit nya ang bagong soldering iron ko at bukas na ang cabinet ng mga TV, na ibig sabihin na malamang kinakahuyan nya ang mga tv ko at kinukunan nya ng mga mamahaling pyesa.  MAG INGAT PO KAYO NG HUSTO SA TAONG ITO.

This Jepril Ramos Laxamana is always posting in Facebook groups specializing in Barter, or Exchange or Buy and Sell, mostly groups based in Bulacan, at palit sya ng palit ng kanyang Facebook username para hindi sya mahuli,  So if you or anyone you know bought any of the stolen items that are listed here, please contact me.  I will let you keep the item at no cost, as long as you sign an affidavit that you bought or bartered the item from him, plus I will give you P2,000.00 just to sign the affidavit, but you will have to prove to me that you met with him, para hindi mo ma fake ang affidavit.

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