Facebook has "unpublished", meaning they deleted" many of my pages and groups.

Facebook has "unpublished", meaning they deleted" many of my pages and groups.

Yesterday I received notification from Facebook that they had "unpublished", meaning that they had deleted, 6 of my Facebook animal welfare pages. These 6 pages are in addition to the 5 animal welfare pages that they had deleted previously, and also in addition to the more than 10 Facebook animal welfare groups that they had also deleted previously. And the reason they give - "spam" or in "violation of community standards".. How in the world can my groups and pages even be considered as spamming when I hardly share them in any other groups, when all I do is to share them on my wall? And how can they be in violation of community standards, and which standards are those exactly that FB refers to?

I wonder if Facebook realizes that my welfare groups and pages save a ton of animals needing urgent help, and now more dogs and cats will die because of these pages and groups being deleted. So many years of hard work to build a following of animal welfare advocates to go down the drain just like that, with no real explanation from FB, absolutely no warnings at all, and no chance to rectify the mistake if any.

Obviously, this is because someone, or some people, have reported my pages for whatever selfish reason they might have. I am sure, and I pray, that whoever reported these and their loved ones get (or gets) infected with the big C.

Friends, if you are truly a friend, I will be leaving Facebook sooner rather than later, and will concentrate on my website, the big B, which I guarantee will become the premier website for animal welfare. So, again, I ask all my friends to register. So far, only one true friend has registered - Angeline Tabbada - and to her I am grateful. You can always opt to NOT receive any notifications if getting too many notifications is what you are worried about. Don't worry, we will not flood your inbox like Facebook does, and will not spam your inbox and your pages and your groups with ads either, like Facebook does.

So should you suddenly no longer see me or any of my groups and pages on FB, it will only mean that FB deleted all of them, of that I decided to delete them myself before leaving FB, which I will certainly do much sooner rather than later.

buzzie.info - the premier animal welfare site

Thank you.

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